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re: Guild Information


General Rules


> Have fun and enjoy yourself.

A fun and friendly atmosphere goes a long way into the success and longevity of a guild. We are all fairly social, we enjoy a good joke and like the company of others. So do not be afraid to talk to any of us. Typically if we are not raiding you can find us doing BGs, old content, or just dicking around in vent. So, if you catch yourself bored, just holler at us in guild chat or in vent and you can tag along


> Be polite, Be respectful

When you wear the tag of you represent us. So it is up to us when we are not doing things with the guild to act appropriately. Just don't be a dick to people, as you are


> If you have an issue bring it to an officer.

Instead of going for someones throat and creating a mass uproar, just come to an officer for help. We will take of whatever is bothering you, as we want to keep a fun and peaceful environment in guild.


> Guild Bank/Mats use

In the guild raids we will provide all essentials for optimization, flasks, feasts, potions, etc. However, we do need help and anything you can provide is greatly appreciated. People who contribute to the bank will receive monetary rewards.


Raid Notes


> Kill bosses.

Our #1 objective in is to down bosses. Killing bosses is the reason this guild was created and why you are here, we do not intend to raid for mediocre results. We are striving to be of the best and to do this we all need to make our  #1 rule; Kill bosses.


> Do not be late.

If you are late, the entire raid more than likely will lose time waiting for you. This means we have less time to achieve our number one goal. <Outer Heaven> will not accept tardiness that does not have a valid RL reason, if the offices deem your tardiness inexcusable, you will be put on suspension no matter your ranking in guild.

(If you are going to be late or your schedule has changed let us know on the website's forums)


> Do not whine about loot.

Its a free roll people. Everyone will win something as loot should be dropping constantly. 


> Know what to do and how to do it.

* Your Character: We expect you to know how to fully maximize your class and its abilities. We crave players with the knowledge to, like I said maximize your character, this way we can together strive to be in the upper echelon of raid guilds. 


* Raid Strats: Now the raid leader will of course go over more specifics of how we are going to combat a certain encounter, but, that does not mean you should not already know what we are doing for the most part. We except our raiders to have prior knowledge of the fight before we step into the encounter. This keeps everyone ready for anything than can happen during the fight so we can adjust, thus being more efficient.


> If you have any issues, express them AFTER the raid night is over.

If for some reason something irks you during a raid, do not scream and yell over vent. Wait until the raid night is over and talk to an officer, as we do not want to lose focus on the job at hand and have everyone fighting and bickering in the middle of our raid. 


> If you have questions, do not be afraid to ask.

If you do not completely understand what we are doing than ask away. We would rather repeat something than have to wipe and virtually explain something again. If you are expected to do something and you do not understand but decide not to have not ask a question about it and you die, it reflects poorly on you.


> All criticism must be constructive, and all constructive criticism should not be taken personal

When constructively criticizing someone, do not attack them. Tell them how they are screwing up or what they are doing wrong, offer some advice and move on. The one receiving the criticism should not take this personal, as we all will experience this sometime or another. Take the advice, apply the advice and move on. If you feel you are being attacked, let an officer know AFTER the raid is completed.



Our raid schedule is as follows:
Tuesday: 9 p.m. - 12 a.m. (E.S.T)
Wednesday: 9 p.m. - 12 a.m. (E.S.T)
Thursday: 9 p.m. - 12 a.m. (E.S.T)

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